Sketch It Out – Gazelle Pen Feature

Today I thought I would show you how to make a super simple card and your machine is going to do all the work.  How’s that you ask?  Why by using the pen feature on my Boss Kut Gazelle!  If you haven’t popped a pen in your Gazzy before, you don’t know what you are missing.  It is one of the reasons I purchased a Gazelle.  When I found out you didn’t need a special holder and you could use pretty much any size pen, pencil or even a glue pen, I was sold!

I used the new Lettering Delights Rustic Sketches set for my design (see here for more information regarding the sketches).  These sketches are SVG files that are specifically designed to be used in cutting machines with a pen attachment.  I choose the pair of boots from the set.  They looked like Army boots and I thought it would make a great card to celebrate a member of the military coming home.  It took about 7 minutes for my Gazelle to complete the design and I just love the effect.  It looks like a stamp with just a touch of embossing.  It also has a slight texture to it.  Just fabulous!  This would make a great masculine card.  No frills.  I know it’s a pretty simplistic card but you know, sometimes less is more. Which is what I have been craving lately.

I let the machine do its thing again but this time on white cardstock so you could see the detail.  To make sure you get the right height when placing your pen, slide a clean Popsicle stick under the tip, let the pen rest gently on the stick then tighten the screw.  I used a force of 1 and my speed was on 7.  Depending of the medium I use, the speed could go lower.  I just purchased this gel pen so I wanted it to go a little faster.  I didn’t want it to sit in one place to long.  I didn’t know if it was going to flow heavy and puddle up my design or not.  I have some glitter pens that need to go a couple fractions of a second slower to get the ink out on the paper.  Just play around on scratch paper to you get the desired effect for your project.  Another thing, because the Gazelle is not tied to cartridges, I could also let my pink beauty write out my sentiment in any of the fonts I already have on my computer.  More coolness, no? 


I thought you might like to see my baby in action, so I made a little video.  It’s just the neatest thing to see your machine sketch something.  Especially a design so intricate.  (Don’t worry, I didn’t tape the whole thing.  Just a little taste of the amazingness ^__^)  If I wanted to, I could make a shadow of the design, put the blade holder back in and have the Gazelle fussy cut it.  So many possibilities.  Can you see them?  Anyway, here’s the video:

Thanks for stopping by and come back again as I have a few more pretty projects for some metallic pens and my Gazelle.  Hope you enjoyed today’s card and got some inspiration for using your machine.  If you in the market for an electronic die-cut machine, hope this showed you what an awesome product this is and has you looking a little closer at the Gazelle.  Have a great day and happy crafting!
Kraft cardstock
Recollections gel pen
Rustic Sketches set from Lettering Delights
Thin Font Script Set 1 by Lettering Delights (Teacher = Welcome)
Thin Font Handwritten Set 1 by Lettering Delights (Quiver = Home)


  1. HeatherLynn says:

    super cool!! i love quick and easy cards! my fav. kind! hope you have a great week!


  2. Thanks, Heather! Quick and easy is the best! You have a great week too.

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