Thin Fonts Arrive at Lettering Delights!

When Andy of Make the Cut told us someone was in the process of making thin fonts for use with the pen feature on our cutters, I was sooooo excited.  He put the ability to use OPF into the Make the Cut software sometime ago and it has been a waiting game (I figured it was Lettering Delights who was coming out with them ^__^).  If you have no idea what I am talking about, check out Lettering Delights information page.As of right now, Make the Cut is the only software currently with the ability to use Open Path Fonts.  But if these become popular with crafters, you know other software programs will jump on board.  Just be patient!  I know, better said than done.

Take your creative projects to new heights with Thin Fonts and Sketches from Lettering Delights. These single-line fonts are perfect for drawing and writing using the print feature on most cutting machines using Make-the-Cut software. Learn how>

Thin fonts and doodles are available in sets of 10 for $15 each. Get all 50 new thin fonts and 10 doodles plus the five intricate rustic sketches for $50 in the Crazy for Thin Fonts Super Bundle. Or take a peek at each set and purchase them separately for $15 per set:


Learn more about Thin Fonts here with instructions on how to install and use your thin fonts. Want an even better deal?  Until midnight tonight, get 50% your total purchase.  See my post from yesterday for details – Wild Wednesday.

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