Kids Easy Christmas Treat Bag

Need a super quick and easy small treat bag for a group of kids at school or church? I have just the thing for you! With one of my favorite new markers, a stamp, and a little brown bag in hand, I whipped these up lickety-split.First, I used my ZIG Art and Graphic Twin Green marker from the Autumn set and used the brush nib to color my stamp.

After stamping the image and sentiment onto the bag, I proceeded to give it a little color. I used my ZIG Memory System Fine & Chisel marker in Red on the heart of the snowman. The red heart gives just the right amount of contrast while remaining simple so I can make quite a few bags in a short amount of time.

To give it just a little more punch I underlined the word “heart” with my ZIG Painty Twin pen in Gold. I really just wanted a reason to use the pen. I think it is the bee’s knees. lol How awesome is it that you get two for the price of one? I love that I have metallic gold and silver on hand to use at any given moment. Although, I normally lean towards silver being I am cool. 😛

Here is the lineup once again. I really recommend picking up one or all of these. I love pretty much everything Kuretake makes.

After decorating the front, I stuffed them to the max with Reese’s Peanut Butter Bells (yum yum). To keep all those goodies in the bag I used my Sew Easy on the top.

Stitching the top gives the closure a cute look while not bunching it up by just tying it off.  You are still able to see the design with this method.

When I was done making a straight stitch, I tied off the twine in a bow. You are finished. And it didn’t take you hours just on one bag. I love it!

What do you think? Aren’t these adorable! Go grab some of these markers and make some of your own, then post them to my Facebook page. I would love to see what you guys create! Have a great day and happy crafting.

Painty Twin Gold by Kuretake ZIG
Fine & Chisel Red by Kuretake ZIG
Art & Graphic Twin Green by Kuretake ZIG
You Melt My Heart {Itty Bitty} by Unity Stamp Co.
Small Flat Kraft Bags available at Annies Paper Boutique
Candy Cane Trendy Twine
Sew Easy


  1. That is adorable, Becki. What a cute idea. I love anything with snowmen.

    Lesley @ Trendy Twine

  2. This is precious…I like it :)

  3. FeistyCrafter says:

    What cute little treat bags!!

  4. This is a wonderful idea and I am sure these bags will be greatly appreciated.

  5. Oh this is cute! Thanks for the step by step ! :)

  6. BloomingPink says:

    ADORABLE treat!

  7. Julie Odil says:

    Fantastic! This is a terrific idea!

  8. This is sooooo CUTE!

  9. Super cute idea!!

  10. Meredith Adolf says:

    Such a cute bag! I love that little snowman, and your bag design is perfect!

  11. Diane Jaquay says:

    TOTALLY adorable!!!

  12. These are adorable!!

  13. Great idea! I love it.

  14. Jessi Fogan says:

    So incredibly cute! What a fabulous fun idea :)

  15. Mary Anne / MA54K says:

    I just love using markers right on my stamps! Cute!

  16. What a cute little goody bag and it looks like its not too complicated. Snowmen are just so happy! Like those good and silver pens. Thanks for sharing

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