2013 Full Size Planner

Good Monday, everyone! I have a quick post for you today to show off the very first planner I made with my own little hands. I have an obsession with calendars and planners. My Pastor’s wife keeps telling me to use my phone it’s easier, but even for a techno-geek like me, I still love the smell of paper and ink. Jotting something down as soon as I think about it. So this project was perfect. Too bad I made it to give away as my grab bag gift at our annual Ladies Banquet. Funny story, my sister-in-law went with me too and I told her to make sure she didn’t get my gift as I didn’t think she would like it. I showed her after a sweet lady won it. Now I am making one for her. LOL Sis-in-law thought it was awesome.

One of the best things about making my planner was I finally got to use my “The Cinch” machine. Amazing little bugger! Now I am a binding fool. I keep looking around for other things I can put under the knife just so I can use it again.  Looks like many more of these planners are in the works for me. I did struggle with making the planner as big as I did. Thinking others would prefer a smaller one but everyone really wanted one in this size. It’s a full 8.5″ x 11″. Go figure. I may make mine a tad smaller.

Echo Park Paper “For the Record” collection was the used for the front, back and tabs. I purchased the 2013 Planner with Add Ons and 2013 Planner Cover and Tabs SVG set from Lori Whitlock. My six tabs are Monthly, Weekly, Grocery List, Menu, Goals, and To Do.

If I missed anything (writing this with a migraine) you wanted to know, leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for coming by today and happy crafting!

2013 Complete Planner by Lori Whitlock
2013 Planner Cover and Tabs by Lori Whitlock
For the Record collection by Echo Park Papers
The Cinch
Two Chipboard Sheets, 8.5×11
Book Binding Wires: 1″ Black


  1. snappy scrappy says:

    So pretty! Lee-Ann :)

  2. You rock sweetie! :-) I have nominated you for a blog award… :-)

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