Gender Reveal Continued

Ahhh, the moment you all have been waiting for.  The big reveal!  I tell you the Gender Reveal party was so fun and I have pictures to prove it!  Although, I have to apologize ahead of time to you guys.  My friend has a tri-level home and we were in the lower part (what I like to affectionately call Middle Earth) of the house where the light was pretty bad so I don’t have the best pictures.  My camera happens to be pretty needy when it comes to lighting conditions but I did the best I could.This is my friend Karrie’s third baby so she didn’t want to go too crazy with decorating or spend a lot of money.  I think we did a great job with very little spent.  She has two boys already (like me!!) and is wishing for a girl this time around.  Read to the end of the post to find out if she gets lucky!  Don’t scroll now and cheat.  You have to wait like the rest of us!

Karrie liked the idea of cream filled cupcakes to reveal the baby’s gender.  I think it was great that the bakery knew exactly what she was talking about.  She brought in her sealed envelope with the ultrasound results.  She and her husband were going to find out the same time we were.  If that had been me, I would have ripped open the darn thing as soon as I got to the car!  As you can see, she wanted classic blue and pink for the party.  I took care of making the cupcake toppers and the “girl or boy” banner above the table.  Karrie did the rest.  Just so you know how goofy my friend is.  I have a Gazelle, all I had to do was punch in her sentiment there and cut it out in a few seconds.  No, this girl is old school.  She cut those letters by hand!  O_o  She so crazy….

Don’t those rook dericious?  Yumyum, I could go for some!  Super simple toppers…make a 2″ circle in Make the Cut, then place a slightly smaller circle inside the larger one.  Convert the smaller circle using the rhinestone tool and pop a question mark in there using any font you like, then just print out.  I used my 2″ circle hand punch instead of messing with a Print n Cut.  They look like a million bucks!

Here is a close up of the boy onesies from the banner.  I used scrapNfonts Sunday font and Lettering Delights Peek a Boo for the onesie and Simple Shapes Chores for the hanger .  Why yes Virginia, that is Cotton Candy Trendy Twine as the closeline!  Can you say perfect for this project?

Another cool idea was to wear your guess.  We were supposed to wear the color too but I forgot and wore purple.  Or maybe I was just rooting for both.  ^__^  We just used a dry erase board because we had it lying around and we are both cheap.   They are stuck with repositionable tape but that didn’t cut it to keep them on our shirts so Karrie bought little pink and blue clothespins.  Once again, she cut the letters by hand and I cut out the mustaches and bows.  The mustaches were from Lettering Delights Mustache Mania and the bow came from the jewelry box in Playful Parlour by SVG Cuts.

Here’s a little sneaky peek I have permission to post.  Karrie placed ultrasounds of different parts of the baby all around.  I tried my hardest to see what the baby was.  Kid just wasn’t cooperating.

The time finally came where cupcakes were passed around and we were told not to eat them yet, we would all bite at once.  Karrie began the countdown and it was the longest 3 seconds of my life.   I couldn’t take the suspense and that stupid topper went up my nose (if you took off the topper first, you would’ve saw what color the cream filling was).   Want to know what we all saw?  I had the forethought before I ate the whole cupcake to take a picture……
Here it is….

Yep, that poor woman is having another boy.  Please pray for her, she doesn’t want to go bald before 30.  Well, she didn’t get her girl this time but I did ask her before the party started if she was going to be upset if the filling was blue.  She said she would like a girl but as long as the baby was healthy, that was all that mattered.  And she would be right, that is what matters most.  I want to thank Karrie for letting me help and be a part of this awesome experience.  It was so much fun.  Now I get to razz her for a long time to come and watch her grow gray……quickly.  muahahahahahahahaha


  1. OMG this is a super cute idea! What a fun way to reveal the gender.

  2. This is just fantastic. Really I am so super impressed. What a fun party and what a great friend you are all that work. I’m sure she absolutely loved everything I mean who wouldn’t. Your are a good friend.

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    @Tracy, my sister has three girls and I wouldn’t trade my boys for that for nothing! Haha I agree, boys are awesome! And Karrie’s are very well behaved, they are just full of energy and hard to keep up with. LOL

  4. What a great party!
    Three boys are awesome! Mine are 26, 22 and 20 and they were much easier than girls. lol

  5. Nierieka says:

    I wouldn’t trade my girls for any of your boys! ha ha!

  6. You did a great job on this, Becki!! Looks wonderful, I bet she loved it all.

    I have boys also and would not trade them. I was hoping for a girl for my second, but then I see what my sister and brothers go through. So, in the end I’m happy. LOL

  7. @Michelle Thanks!

    @Nierieka Save the drama for yo momma! ;P

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