SVG Attic’s First Challenge – My Tiki Hut Birdhouse

I know I have already said how much I am enjoying entering challenges. This one is no different and comes from Jessica of SVG Attic and Jessica’s Crop Corner fame.  I believe she just opened SVG Attic. Her creations are amazing, so go show some love and buy.  They are some of the best looking SVGs around.  I had the pleasure of winning the Luau set a few days ago and it just so happens you need to make something with this set.  Cooooool, I’m good to go!


As soon as she announced it on her Facebook page, I had an idea bouncing around of how I could use that wonderful coconut bra.  I wanted someone to wear it!  I was asked to put it on someone other than myself *coughJessicacough*, so why not a chubby little birdy.  If you notice, she is rather chubby, so I had to put some extension panels in her grass skirt. (hehe, just like her momma)

I guess I didn’t realize I have a bird thing.  I don’t like the animal so much that I want them in my house or around my head.  But, decorating with them I seem to do a lot.  I “ohhh” and “ahhh” at every decor item with them, be it a picture, ceramics, antique birdcages or blog templates (hmmm) .  I even went so far years ago to grace every family member with a hand-painted, by me, glass bottle with birds and birdhouses.  Craft painting – another one of my started and failed crafts.  Anyone want to buy a tubful of Plaid paint?

Anyway, I liked the idea of a little Tiki hut.  Then it morphed into a birdhouse.  How about a Tiki birdhouse complete with a real grass roof?  Hey, this is were all the cool birds hang out to get some ice-cold refreshing Lemonade!

I used the small house and bird from SVG Cuts Spring Birdhouse set.  The rest of the files came from Luau.  I made it kinda busy, I always seem to, don’t I?  I just couldn’t pick a few files.  The more I used this set, the more I liked it.  Very nice, clean designs.
tiki hut 2
Can you see how perfect her Hibiscus flower matches with the one on the K and Company paper?  I used fishing wire to hang the lanterns.  I wanted to put a few more but there just wasn’t enough room.  That is real grass on the roof, too.  God made that part.  Wish it was the dried brown stuff but this is the growing season and I was too lazy and cheap to go to the craft store.  Edit on roof:  If you are going to use grass from your garden.  Cut it and wait till it dries overnight.  My roof is all dried up and it shrunk.  Gaps all over the place now. LOL  Besides that, my car stopped working so I am stuck in the house during the day till hubby comes home.  Possible next post: babbling with cabin fever.
I am happy with it and enjoyed working with this set.  Here’s to hoping I am getting better!  I actually sketched my idea out for the first time. Even followed through with most of it.  I was going to take a picture of the sketch to give you guys a good laugh but I started using the sheet as scratch paper.  So now it has government secrets on it that I am not at liberty to share.  Sorry, next time. :(  OK, hop on over to to Jessica’s blog here and check out the challenge and maybe even enter.  Wait, never mind, don’t enter.  Maybe then I will have a chance to win ^__^  Until next time!

Update:  I won second place!!!  If Thienly hadn’t enter…harumpf…she was just too good!  Actually I’m kidding.  Well, not kidding about her being good. :) I was just glad to be a part of Jessica’s first challenge and be a winner with two very talented people.  Kasi and Thienly’s step cards were amazing!


  1. BECKI!!!! I absolutely LOVE this birdhouse!! I love bird houses to start with…but this is FAB!!! I hope you don’t mind me scrap lifting this awesome idea. It R*O*C*K*S!!!


  3. That is so cute!! Now you are making me rethink my challenge project! How am I going to compete with that?!

  4. This is SO cute! I love that you used the real grass too! And I just love all the little elements on the front, it is so fun!


  5. That is the cutest thing! Love it! Wish you best of luck on the challenge! Wow – you’re fast!

  6. Your blog looks really cute! Love how it’s coming along’

  7. Anonymous says:

    Becki, the roof really takes the whole thing to another level. I love how the yellow flower pops!!! Fabulous!

    Trish- Im a cutter

  8. Thanks, ladies! That thing took me forever. Oh course, I am a little to blame. LOL

  9. Well, I had to come up with something to even come close to compete with this! :)

  10. Your Tiki hut is adorable, great idea.

  11. Thank you ladies for all the kind comments.

  12. Omgosh, SO cute!!! The roof is adorable!!!

  13. Absolutely Inspiring! Love it!

  14. Thank you for the comments!

  15. This is so cute!

  16. Thanks for stopping by!

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